Website Security Tips for Your Peace of Mind

website-security-sm-1024x410When I first met expression ‘ethical hacker’ I grinned. It sounded like ‘humane murderer’ for me. Googling its meaning I found myself at, where such terms as ‘Good morning’, ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and even ‘Marketing strategy’ are listed as oxymora. Well, if ‘good mornings’ and ‘marketing strategies’ are the phenomena which one may never meet, to my surprise ‘ethical hackers’ do exist. They’re also referred to as ‘white hats’, experts who attack the system on behalf of its owners, looking for vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could exploit. If only all the hackers were ‘ethical’…

Unfortunately they’re not. Day after day the site owners should stand against this Evil. And when the IT experts come to the Dark Side, what they’re after is, obviously, not only the cookies…

Why everyone and their uncle keep trying to break into the store?

  • Internet allows the hacker to stay anonymous and keep the source of the attack untraceable (at least, many of beginning hackers think so).
  • A young but ambitious hooligan may treat it as a challenge to his skills. Passion is what moves him. But even if his

Quick tips for Web application security

website-security-tipsA traditional firewall is commonly employed to restrict Web site access to Ports 80 and 443, used for HTTP and Secure Sockets Layer communications, respectively. However, such a device does very little to deter attacks that come over these connections. URL query string manipulations including SQL injection, modification of cookie values, tampering of form field data, malformed requests and a variety of other nasty tricks are often given free passage on allowed, legitimate traffic.

A Web application firewall, such as those reviewed in this issue (see review) might help address security holes in Web servers and Web applications, but there is certainly a great deal that network security professional could and should do before and after employing such measures.

So sharpen your pencils: It’s time for Web Application Security 101.

Tip 1: Don’t trust, authenticate.

If you are in charge of designing or administrating a public Web site, you need to embrace the fact that you cannot trust your users. If you are particularly paranoid, you might extend this concept to an extranet or even an internal site. But the point is that unless the users authenticate themselves with the site somehow, you have

5 Simple Tips to Secure Your Website from Hackers

3-Security-Tips-For-Your-Ecommerce-Website-1Each passing day brings with it news of a brand new leak of personal information over the Internet. Be it credit card information belonging to millions of users or their email IDs and passwords, personal nude pictures of celebrities or even top secret classified government data — the world of hackers has democratized the internet and its lack of security at every possible level.

You might now be wondering what this has to do with your innocuous little blog or website that does not carry users’ credit card information or nude pictures of Scarlett Johansson.

Well, hackers can turn your nondescript website into a malicious spy bot in a matter of minutes, sending sensitive user data to hackers without your even realizing it. Worse, they can hack into your website databases and destroy or manipulate important information, injecting your content with malicious links and even hijack the hosting server to be used in botnet DDoS attacks.

But enough of this scare fest. It’s not all doom and gloom out there on the Web. There are things that you can do to secure your website from hackers and becoming a

Don’t Fall Victim to Working at Home: Three Reasons Why it’s Important to Stay Active When You Work from Home

The Digital Age is undoubtedly upon us, and many people are embracing it to the absolute fullest by working remotely from home, rather than going into a traditional office setting. Working from home can be great because it allows you more freedom in your schedule for your family or personal projects, but can also be detrimental if you’re not careful. Here are three reasons it’s incredibly important to stay physically active when you work at home, and some advice to help motivate you out the door a little more.

No Commuting
Whether you used to drive, ride the train, or take your bike to work; having a home office completely takes away the necessity to leave your house. There are a lot of people who roll from their bed, to their desk, to the sofa, and repeat. This is a slippery slope that is very easy to fall down if you don’t have routine. Even if you don’t have to commute anymore, try to stick to a routine. Wake up early and do some exercise; it can be as simple as light stretching or intense like Crossfit. The point is to be active early, because you’ll be sitting down soon! If

Choosing The Right Company For Promotional Products

Promotional products are smart way to introduce your new products to both your loyal customers and potential customers. Unlike other ways for promoting what you want to sell, promotional products bring huge impact, though it is depending on what kind of products that you use to promote your business. Aside for some considerations toward what kind of products you want to use as promotional item, whenever you think about promotional products in Phoenix, pay attention toward the company to rely on your promotional products Phoenix.

Rightly choosing a company to handle to job is important as it will affect the whole thing. Is that difficult to find one? Have no clue toward what company to choose, consider referrals from some friends or your business partners. Anther way, you can take benefit from a site like BBB for instance to find a company that can meet your expectation for effective promotional products that you desire. How you define a company that you consider the best to help you dealing with promotional product it affects the way you choose your options. Mostly the manufacturer for promotional products will only work with your ideas.

Hence, you need

Choosing the Right Web Design Services for Your Business

Nowadays, there are many products and services offered by the companies to attract the customer to use and consume their products. Usually, they will use many ways and tricks in selling the products. It will determine how much income which they get every day. The rate of selling actually also becomes the parameter on how good the products to use. That’s why people try to do many things to afford the great rate of marketing to improve their income. One of the ways which is most used by the companies or individual in selling the products is by using the website. This is the simplest way to introduce our products to people abroad and they will know more about our product. Using website as the media may help us improving the rate of marketing. It can be designed in the way we want. Many people nowadays use this way because it can be more effective to do. The customer will read and learn more about our product through this media.

If you are attracted to use this kind of marketing, what you have to do first is making your own website. It will contain the details of

7 Simple Tips To Prevent Web Application Security Breaches

It doesn`t matter which framework you’ve selected for Web application development, you still need proper Web application and server maintenance to avoid security breaches. Learn seven simple tips to mitigate Web application security risks and ensure Web application security.

Web Application Security Risks

In my career, I have regularly seen cases when the lack of proper web server support and maintenance resulted in a company`s Web application being hacked and exploited by attackers. Even though more and more often companies host their web applications in the cloud and select a private cloud for the web applications that are critical to their business, it makes no difference from a hacker`s point of view. So when talking about web application security, it`s important to consider the infrastructure of wherever the web app is hosted (even if it`s hosted by one of the top cloud players).

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for businesses to invest into Web application development only or store all their Web applications (as well as mail servers) on a single dedicated machine without an established and safe backup process and without considering the security of the infrastructure. Additionally, if a company lacks a comprehensive security strategy and prefers to overlook a well-known security